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BBQ anytime of the year!

Bijgewerkt op: 6 sep. 2022

Everytime we get invited to a BBQ we feel very happy, because it means that the sun is outside, it’s summer and we will be sharing with family or best friends. But why does it has to be when it's “good weather”?

At Verde Foodbar we love grilling & BBQ and we found the latest and most elegant way of doing it, every day of the year, even if it's cold or warm outside: Ofyr. Forget about the tipical grill lines, where you can’t place the meat or the veggies direct because they will burn; forget about hours of waiting till the charcoal get warm… forget about charcoal at all!

Welcome to natural dry wood in the eye of a distintictive cone shape that creates its own air circulation and a roaring fire in minutes. The Ofyr is made of strong and durable steel, what makes it heat up fast and it can be left outside in all kind of weather.

It's circular shape and big size allow it to cook different kind of meats, chicken, fish, vegetables and why not, bread, cheese and fruits, what makes it very atractive and temptive to the eye and of course, to the palate.

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